Why Dried?

We love dried flowers! Here’s why:
Dried flowers can last up to a year (and even longer!) if properly cared for.
No more sad wilting flowers- give a gift that lasts! 

Good for the environment.
Dried flowers last so much longer than fresh cut blooms.
They also have a smaller carbon footprint as they do not need the specially controlled travel environments fresh flowers require.
Unlike faux stems, dried flowers are 100% natural and biodegradable. Plus all our packaging is recyclable (except our satin ribbon - please keep and reuse as gift wrap!)
Pampas, grasses and bouquets have been taking the interior world by storm for some time now. Neutral tones and pampas add texture and interest to muted or boho colour palettes, whilst our colourful bunches can add a splash of happy to any room.
Dried products are perfect for those tricky spaces with little
or no natural light.

They make the perfect gift for any occasion
(as well as a treat to yourself!).